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Missionary Scripture

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Second Epistle of Bird - January 4, 2014

From Chalco, Mexico

   1. Now it came to pass as the year 2013 came to an end, there was much rejoicing and gladness.
The Bird’s decorated their Christmas tree in memory of their much family. An ornament was created for each family member with names inscribed on either side of each to represent those beloved children and 34 grandchildren. Two special stockings were chosen from the feet of the two missionaries and were filled with chocolate kisses and peanuts.
   2. On the day celebrating the birth of the Savior, the Bird’s invited the office Elders and the AP’s to a grand feast. The “cena” tradition, which started 45 years ago in another mission long ago and far away, continued, which consisted of homemade tamales, chicken enchiladas, taquitos, beef tacos, nachos, pudding and a special family recipe of sangria. The Elders were filled with Christmas cheer. We played Rummy Kube, the favorite of Hna. Bird, and Phase 10.
   3. The many Stakes and Wards celebrated with as many as 5 piƱatas each and endless platters of Mexican favorites – which the Bird’s, as honored guests, received much food to take home.
   4. Yea, the “gente” did come to the streets at this time with much celebrating. Exceedingly loud fireworks, consisting of bright bursts of light and loud booms, were heard for many days and nights, even weeks, until the year ended. In their many houses they did celebrate with decorations of blinking lights and much music (consisting of singing into microphones and playing many instruments) from evening until the wee hours of the morning.
   5. But it came to pass that the Chalco Mission met for a great Christmas Conference, with skits and games, white elephant gifts and food; and many cookies created by Hna. Bird and Hna. Crickmore. But they also joined together with the singing of Christmas Hymns and sharing of mission experiences. The Spirit and vision to share the good news did speak peace to our souls and we did go forth with all our might that we would share the love of the Lord with all people.
   6. And behold, the Birds did go forth with plates of cookies for all the neighbors in their apartment and for many of the missionaries who were downcast without the home cooking of their dear mothers.
   7. Now, because of the laws of the land, the Birds made haste to the office of Visas, which trip took 8 hours. But behold, during their waiting, they talked with people about the gospel and shared pass-along cards. There were even two nuns who listened, but could not accept an invitation to receive more.
   8. There is in the city of Chalco a Panadaria, which once you visit; you find you must return again and again. Not only do you find breads of many kinds, but shelves of pastries and real, really big donuts. The Birds obtained such donuts and put a large emergency candle in one of them for the celebration of Elder Bird’s very important 65th birthday.
   9. And it came to pass that the time of cutting Elder Bird’s hair arrived. Entering one of the many barber shops complete with painted barber poles, for $45 pesos (or about $3.50) his hair was not only shortened, but he emerged with beautiful white hair, on which the sun shone brightly, and confirmed his coming of “age.”
   10. Now because of the many dangers which come to pass when many people unite in sometimes unruly ways, all the missionaries in the Chalco Mission were commanded to remain in their several abodes on Christmas Eve and day; and also remained in their homes New Years Eve and day. The exception was that the Birds were given permission on Christmas with the Elders and on New Years day to invite 4 of the Sister missionaries to feast on pizza, pop corn, ice cream and homemade cookies, etc. And behold, we also played Rummy Kube and Farkle. You should try it with your friends and families! Nevertheless, two days later, one of said sisters, fell and sprained her ankle and must now stay down for 10 days.  This causes much grief because said sister will go forth to her home and family on January 20, nevertheless with honor for 18 months of faithful service.
   11. Now it came to pass during the great holiday season, all the missionaries united, each in their own city and town squares to share caroling and candy canes and suckers with all who would listen, or even those who chose to only pass by. There were many references obtained in all corners of the mission and new labors to perform.
   12. And now, one of the more curious experiences, which actually exist in many lands, is that of tying shoes together and tossing them upon telephone wires. The dangerous thing is that many of the wires are “live” and are to be feared. Why would anyone want to part with their shoes, especially in Mexico where there are many who are in need?
   13. And now as we attended to our dry cleaning needs, we came upon a lady who looked upon our name tags and asked if we were Mormon. Of course with the gift of tongues, I discovered that her deceased husband was Mormon, and yet she does not have a Book of Mormon in her dwelling place. She sees the missionaries pass her home on their way to church, but hasn’t had the pleasure of a visit with them yet. As a true missionary, I took her information, which here in Mexico is pretty vague. (Few people have addresses on their houses.) We are anxiously waiting for a reply from the missionaries in that area.
   14. And it came to pass that I had nothing to fear regarding the beautiful mountains at home. There are enough high hills here that I feel comfortable. We have actually driven roads that are equal to the curvy mountain roads at home and the pine and many other trees and bushes and rocks are beautiful to look upon. There are two very active wards in Monte Corona, which are tucked away in these mountain retreats and one can see why they choose to live so far away.
   15. And in these days, Elder Bird has become quite involved with the missionary referral program. The Lord truly is directing the final scenes of this great production. We must be a part of it, or be left behind. It has been determined that there must be lessons given to 12 different people to receive one person into the waters of baptism. There is much to be done by everyone. Remember the M & M’s – Members and Missionaries working together.
   16. And it came to pass that our mighty family continues to grow in spite of our absence. We start off the new year with our little Chad turning 5 and Sarah becoming a 12 year old young woman and Joshua at 14 old enough to become a Teacher and Sammy a beautiful 15 year old. We love and miss all our choice children. I still miss my Primary children too!
   17. And after much trial and tribulation, young Master David has received his Masters degree in Library Science! Now he must continue reading to his three wee ones, with the oldest just turning two and twin daughters 5 months old.
   18. We greet you with love and fondness and pray the Lord send you peace and comfort, health and joy as this New Year begins. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Elder and Sister Bird

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1. Mexico City Temple at Christmas time
2. Pemex is the only gas company in Mexico; OXXO is 7-11
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